Thursday, May 06, 2010

KSV Undead Horde Shuffles Forth Tomorrow!

Hello Again,

Readying for bed after another insane day of work. Up at the crack, stuck to the teat, tied to the desk, and now, soon, down for the count. Oy ass-fucking vey.

Good news, though - new Karl Schmidt Verlag release explosion is set to go off in the packed Disney/Reebok Times Square of your mind sometime tomorrow!

Twelve new albums, one new book. The tome is pre-order only at this juncture, but the first wave of disc orders will ship, guaranteed, on the morning of the 13th. As for Unpublished, soon after, perhaps by the 21st.

Details? Stay tuned! I'll post the sleeves, ordering info and an audio teaser tomorrow afternoon.


Tom & Karl

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