Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Culling Grief...

It only took seven hours of pruning and obsessively fastidious rearranging, but I've at last arrived at a final running order for The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply. We have three discs stuffed full of crazed remixes, and another hour-plus of equally deranged material that we had to reserve for private download (and a possible bonus seven-inch). More on this later!



isaaclinder said...


bruitiste said...

*runs to MonotypeRec website, hits the reload button until preordering instructions are posted*

[seven hours later]
*takes a break to check the SavageLand website for the OmDrumm record*

rinse, repeat

Have a good one,

ommyth said...

Here's the final running order for the three-disc set:

track number/artist/title/nation

101 rm74 - Bones, Beers and Muscles (CH)

102 Howard Stelzer - Untitled (US)

103 Blevin Blectum - TLASILA BB v01 (US)

104 Aprox. - Hellmachine (FI)

105 Alexei Borisov - Version 2 (RU)

106 Carlos Giffoni - Untitled (US)

107 Truth Serum - Grief/Truth Remix (US)

108 Aaron Dilloway - In Memory of Phil Anselmo (US)

109 Core of the Coalman - Untitled (US/CZ)

110 Newton - 2010 Odyssey Shave (US)

111 Otto Von Schirach - Cream Pie 2 (TLASILA Rmx 2) (US)

112 16 Bitch Pileup - TLASILA-SC Edit Three (US)

113 Issac Linder - RIFF&,WAVEfmt datah (for Guy De Cointet & Walead Beshty)(US)

114 Philippe Petit - Pataphysique (FR)

115 Hull Curve - NJKD (DE)

116 Kapoola & Noish - Sin título (ES)

117 Astrid Hagenguth & Pit Noack - Ohne Titel (DE)

201 Sickboy Milkplus - TLASILA THAF Remix (BE)

202 RWL - Materali Sonoi (DE)

203 Dave Philips - dpTLASrmx0806 (CH)

204 Anton Nikkila - TLASILA vs. Philips Background Music Service (FI)

205 Dylan Nyoukis - Tape Loops in the Gym Hall (UK)

206 Larsen - tlasilamixfinal (IT)

207 Staplerfahrer - Straight Razor Place (NL)

208 Terminal 11 - Imploding Mega Yacht Mix (US)

209 Sudden Infant - Jesus Kiss Our Children (CH/DE)

210 Panagiotis A. Stathis - Thee Eidetic Sacrament of Herr Smith's Phlegm (US)

211 Ulle Matzen - TLASILA rmx (DE)

212 Duran Duran Duran - TLASILADDD (US)

213 Karmakumulator - tlasilarmx1 (HR)

214 Magas - TLASILA_Magas (US)

215 Rudolf Eb.er's R&G - Protest (JP/CH)

216 Cornucopia - Winds and Riptides (PR/US)

217 Weasel Walter - Untitled (US)

218 Thee Majesty - Thee Weight of Thee World II (UK)

301 Don Fleming - DF_TLASILA (US)

302 Olga Nosova - tlasila rmx by nosova (RU)

303 The Teknoist - Moonwalking Tree Goat Remix (UK)

304 Family Battle Snake - Untitled (DE/GR)

305 Achim Wollscheid - Number 4 (DE)

306 Wouter Jaspers - 1 (NL)

307 Patrick Spurlock - reMIX (US)

308 C. Spencer Yeh - TLSILA-CSYremix (US)

309 Chrissy Murderbot - Untitled (US)

310 Jared Louche - Unspoken (UK/US)

311 Komora A - Untitled (PL)

312 Kevin Drumm - To Live and Shave in Blistering Statick (US)

313 Toecutter - Remix 2 (AU)

314 Stefan Roigk - IWiSH (DE)

315 Raionbashi - Raionbashi_TLASILA (DE)

316 William Fowler Collins - TLASILA_WFC_01 (US)

317 Andreas Brüning - Zur Sofortigen Verrichtung (DE)

318 Graham Moore & Nutchild - Griefy Dixxx (US)

319 Mink Marie - Omtone (JP)

320 Evil Moisture - BBQ Flavor (FR/UK)


I'll post info on the private download mix later! It's got all the selections we couldn't fit on the three discs. All the submissions were stellar, but pacing and timing issues are always thorny. Dino Felipe's track ran 32 (!) minutes, for example. There was just no way to edit it without altering it...


Medjoub said...

God's Good Almightttty!

When does this bomb drop?

ommyth said...

Hi Medjoub,

We're getting closer to the manufacturing stage. My best guess is early winter, 2010... Many thanks for posting!



isaaclinder said...

incredible! while I'm all one for mis-attribution, slurring, and general glossolalia I would like to interject before it gets to the printing phase that it's the biblical Is*a*ac. otherwise, the only alteration I can think to muster at this point would be to drop the dedicatory jargon on my track; "RIFF&,WAVEfmt datah" is just fine on it's own!


ommyth said...

Sorry, Isaac! Error duly noted.

To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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