Pre-Holiday Notes...


I've loaded a week's worth of installments of Show Fruit (Série B) in advance of our Sunday afternoon departure (we're going to Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, located not terribly far from the northwestern coast of Africa), so expect new levels of archival depravity, strictly for your delectation, round about midnight each and every morn.

Also, I've been tinkering with the design for ages now, and I've finally arrived at a design that both pleases my too-often offended eye and fails to over-burden my admittedly elementary HTML skills. I'll have the template uploaded later today, but be aware that most of the content will be months in the schlepping.

Lastly, there'll be two new KSV releases available for purchase later in the afternoon. Orders will ship on August 9, so take your time if money is tight...

I'll endeavor to update all those damned MySpace profiles as well. The KSV page is woefully out of date... Sorry. I hate going to MySpace these days. Such a drag, especially from a basic design standpoint. Of course, such banal gripes are nothing new...

OK, off to do a fuckload of chores.

Until Later,



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