Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TLASILA: Show Fruit (Série B) 06...

Part six...

TLASILA - Show Fruit (Série B) 06: Mamoncillo

Assembled from extracts of the following archival recordings:

Born in East L.A. - from S/T cassette (2001); POI - Rehearsal, Alliance Cinema, Miami Beach (TS solo) (31 Aug 93); POI - "I Love Her All the Time" (from Arkansas/Limp: Four Final Mixes) (17-18 June 92); POI - "Dark and Lovely" (from Arkansas/Limp samples) (12-92/01-93); POI - "Detuned AM Static" (from Radio Scan cassette) (19 Jan 91); TLASILA 2 (WW) - Live, Pittsburgh, 2000 Tour; TLASILA - Side B (excerpt) - from Angel Cash (36 DD) and Carol Miller (44 DD), Who Are Lactating (cassette, 1996).

06B Mamoncillo (6:53)

Composed, edited, mixed and produced by TS for TLASILA.



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Medjoub said...

--- an *excellent* set of propulsive and obliteratively rhythmic pieces under careful, inexorable direction. Moments of total aesthetic coalescence. Very compelling stuff. Thank you again for the free access.

Anonymous said...

you should post mp3s of that Born in East L.A. - from S/T cassette (2001)on here...... please??

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