Sunday, August 15, 2010

The 2000th Post...

Hello All,

Not that I've been counting, but this seems to be some sort of landmark: the 2000th post. I began the blog shakily (publishing far too few entries) in late 2004, and didn't really get serious until mid-2005. Since then, however, TLASILA Blog has been a continuous fixture on the outer fringes, not satisfying any particular traditional niche, but endeavoring rather to provide a smudged window into the processes that have shaped (and continue to chip away at) this glowering, two-decade-old monolith. (In other words, it's always been about ideas.)

A small reward for your interest and patience:

KSV 101 Re TLASILA Blog - Damnable Iteration

Recorded, edited, and mixed by Karl. Inhalation by TS. Produced by KSV for you, the faithful...

01 Damnable Iteration (64:00)

Free download, unlimited mp3 edition.

(112.8 MB, ripped @ 320 kbps.)



Love, respect, always forward,



Anonymous said...

and as Moll Flanders said : " Ideas make men hard..."

ommyth said...

Moll was just over here, sharing with me tales of her various marital missteps... Many thanks, Anon!

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