Wednesday, August 04, 2010

TLASILA: Show Fruit (Série B) 14...

Severe, severe Pakistan, northwest rains flood, floods...

TLASILA - Show Fruit (Série B) 14: Clove

Assembled from extracts of the following recordings from the official To Live and Shave in L.A. archive:

Lezet vs. TLASILA - "Travelogue Pt. 4" from The Wigmaker in 18th-Century Williamsburg Revisited (2008); TLASILA - "Fragment 20," from Horóscopo Ghost Files (2006); TLASILA - "Untitled 2," from Atlanta sessions for The Horror of Final Losses (20 Sept 2007); TLASILA - "08" from God and Country Rally! original edits (4-7 Nov 95); TLASILA - "Le Ceneri di...," from untitled Duturo split CD-3 with Harshcore (2008); TLASILA - "Jesus of Sables," live, Danny Jessup Show, Miami (14 Nov 95); TLASILA - Live, The Attic, El Paso, TX (24 Apr 96).

14B Clove (13:03)



Using belief and in belief stranded,


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