Eb.er at NK...

An empty stage, save for a single chair. One spotlight. Small kettle of boiling vinegar. Herr Eb.er, shirtless, his bald dome topped by a long, stringy wig, sits. In his right hand, a black strap with two small sleighbells attached. Piercing tonal clusters (controlled by Daniel Löwenbrücke, standing to the right of the stage), sounding almost like synchronized foghorns, penetrate the din. Eb.er tenses his body. Although immobile, after a time he begins to shake. The muscular contractions become more erratic. After a while, he begins to resemble a palsied wraith (I was reminded of the doomed Emperor Antoku character from Masaki Kobayashi's Kwaidan.) The sonic blasts, interspersed with what seemed to be looped muttering, continue for half an hour. An acrid vapor envelopes the room. Then, a discordant coda, and a physically exhausted Eb.er rises, bows, and leaves the room. Perfect.

Such a great evening.
Very good turnout as well, athough half the audience fled to the bar during the screening of the "color mixing" workshop DVD...

Many friends in attendance. Good series of chats with Rudolf, one of the very few artists whose work I implicitly trust. Couldn't help but imagine this event transposed to old Valdosta haunts. Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck at CJ's Pub & Pool, maybe?




a grey angel said…
Remembering how badly a simple and straight-foward performance by XBXRX went over in Valdosta at a "punk" club, I can only imagine the Eb.er @ CJs would cause white robes to be dusted off and crosses burned. Then again that would add to the performance. Put it on DVD and you have a hit!

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