Monday, March 28, 2011

KSV: Slow Rollout...

Droogies, becalmed passersby, we have something you'd perhaps enjoy groping:

KSV 143 TSKD - Kangol

01 Kangol (41:43)

Kevin Drumm - electronics, guitar, organ
Tom Smith - whispered vocals, edit, mix, production

Recorded and mixed February 2011, KSV HQ, Hannover.

Linda, Viola & Uwe (Cluj-Napoca): mastering
Trichoplax Creeps (Essen): design

Edition of 50 100.

Pricing: €8.49 Eurozone, €11 elsewhere, postage paid.

PayPal to tlasila [at] gmail. [com].


Next Monday, a more traditional KSV mass release, featuring Their Mothme - NSFP (KSV 139), Ethical Finale: Bettfedernfabrik 3 (Child Abuse & Major Murks, 10. Januar) (KSV 141), NK: Restricted Access (Berlin, 16. Jan) (KSV 142), Come into My Life, Radio Edit - ''... weder Labor noch Topf'' (Version 02) (KSV 144 ), Tom Smith - Solo Vocal #2 (KSV 145), Sindre Bjerga & Nils Rostad - Solo Solo Trio (Oberdeck, 10. März) (KSV 146), Ex-Nihilo - Loops 19841996 (KSV 147), To Live and Shave in L.A. - Amour Fou on the Edge of Misogyny (KSV 148, expanded reissue of the Billy Taylor-produced anomaly), Sucking Coeds - Team H.E.A.T. (KSV 149, reissue), TLASILA - 2007 Hybrids Vol. 1 (EPs 001-007) (KSV 150), TLASILA 1975 / Born in East L.A. (KSV 151, expanded reissues from the 2000-2001 spin-off/clone tribute cabals), Morrall Discipline - Daungerous and Desperate in All Partes (KSV 152), and two more that I just don't have time to go into. Work awaits!




bruitiste said...

That sounds like an exceptional line-up being prepped -- I'm also really looking forward to the complete Memories of Underdevelopment (I still listen to Throat of a black kitten regularly, it's like nothing else), I Nosh at El Al, and the Drumm+Kelley disc.
And of course, keep us posted on the Sightings recording session...

Regards from an (at last) almost snow-less locale,

ommyth said...

Hallo Bruno!

Have you received your parcel yet? We still owe you the books and your copy of 72 Hours, but everything else, including bonus discs, is on its way. Down with Harper, and onward and upward! We'll get the remainder out as soon as the extra oxygen tanks are installed...

Best, as ever,


To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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