Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Whirling Corridor of Withered Limbs (cont.)

Ich bin sehr beschäftigt. A colleague left the firm, so I've assumed four new classes - I'm teaching around eighteen courses each week, and time has compressed into sand-scoured zirconium dross. I realize, as Germans are fond of saying, that I'm complaining on a high level. Still, the blur is rotating.

News: KSV orders are slowly edging out the door, bonus discs affixed. The new releases are queuing on the tarmac as well. Relaunch and accompanying notes and teasers in a few.

Rope Cosmetology? Tectonic ablutions reveal. From deepest redoubts, tremulous signatures...

KD/TS and TS: solo vocal mini-webs will be updated in the next twenty-four. New promoter tools, pix, sleeves, etc. Looks like we'll be wrapping the tour up in Köln on the 29th. We should know the venue before long. Otherwise, everything's booked.

So many concerts on the (lazily flickering) horizon. Meeting Sindre Bjerga and Nils Rostad at the Hauptbahnhof tomorrow afternoon in advance of their Oberdeck performance on Thursday evening. The flood waves won't crest until late May...

Recording a new Sightings Tom Smith album on April 3rd here in Hannover at the
Institut für Wohlklangforschung. One day, long takes, not a lot of time for anything save foul flecks and attenuated spittle. Psyched.

Parisians, check Jon, Richard and Mark out on April 8th during the Sonic Protest festival; my solo performance for the fest falls on the following evening. We'll be sleeping it off as my birthday rolls round. Can't even begin to complain...

(Love to Evan, who broke a few bones in his hand the other day. Hope you're back on all fours soon, son.)

Yours Faithfully,


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Yo, what's up with this drunks with guns adjustment?

There's no link on the post and this sounds pretty cool.

To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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