Monday, April 04, 2011

Sightings Have Been Seen Departing...

Hello Again,

Our insane Sightings weekend ended a few minutes ago as the lads headed off to Berlin for this evening's performance at West Germany. If there's any leftover justice in the capital there'll be a line several kilometers long and eight-to-ten punters deep to spazz the fuck out when Jon, Richard and Mark ignite.

Haven't had 60+ hours of such compressed intensity in ages. Saturday's gig at Sturmglocke was epic, and our studio session yesterday with engineer Willi Dammeier at the Institut für Wohlklangforschung was wildly productive. The only loser over the weekend was sleep, as none was to be had...

I'll need a few days to recover before I post the new KSV larder, OK? Still have a few dozen copies of the TSKD album, but copies are moving steadily out the door. Act soon or swallow your regret later. Playing at the Sonic Protest festival in Paris on Saturday, and I'll join Sightings on Friday during their Parisian performance to assay one of the six new songs we recorded in the studio yesterday...

Early class - need to bail on sleeplessness.



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Anonymous said...

My friend in Berlin that organized the show of Sightings said Sightings were nice but he likes a bit more the band that supported them,sent them a few help contacts for another European tour in the fall of 2011,any future collaboration with them after "Gardens of War"?

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