Monday, June 06, 2011

"Poor Dears" Photoscore (KSV 167B)

Guten Morgen!

Here's the wraparound sleeve for my latest tome/photoscore: "Poor Dears" is the name of the piece, and I'll be premiering it tomorrow night at Nachtstimmen Moers...

(Click above for a larger image.)

Limited concert edition of five, plus one for me to cheat from. Sixty-four pages, the usual high-quality printing and binding. Those who hear the work and read the text can judge the contents for themselves!

Don't ask for on-demand versions of these yet, dear friends, as there'll soon be a gargantuan KSV post, with over two dozen new offerings. I've been putting this off for several months now, mainly to give myself time to rethink/rework/recalibrate. More than anything, KSV is a life diary - I can't stress that enough. Constant readers and fans of the work will note the occasional tectonic shifts that occur. Going further, faster, better is the only goal...

Hope all is well,


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