Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Günter Brus zum 50!

Dear Droogs,

Reckon you'd prefer the following to Arcade Fire...

Günter Brus - Günter Brus zum 50. Geburtstag Überreicht vom 1. Deutschen Trivialeum: Panisches Liederbuch (Dichtung und Musik)

(Released by Die Taubosel as DT 1 (12" LP), 1988. Very limited edition, long gone. My rip from my copy, which sits forlornly Stateside. Rudolf has a copy too, and I made a cassette dupe of his at Dave Phillips' flat when OHNE were on tour in 2002. My German was non-existent then, but Brus' voice was nonetheless consoling...)

Dichtung von Günter Brus aus der Jahren 1973-1988. Konzeption / produktion / regie: Arnulf und Franziska Meifert. Sprecher: Arnulf Meifert. Recorded at P&P Tonstudio, Regensburg, sommer 1988.

TT: 45:23; 108 MB ripped @ 320. Additional information and scans (not my own) enclosed in the archive.

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Jared Wells said...

Fuck yes. Thanks TS!

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