Tuesday, November 01, 2011

November 1st, and the Children Are Barking...

Hi Again,

Still here, just absurdly busy. So much content in the holding pens - I hope to add at least a portion of it in the next few days. Lots to report, including: excellent solo/solo/duo concert the Saturday before last (October 22nd) with Wouter Jaspers at the Oberdeck here in Hannover; saw the Daniel Richter 10001nacht exhibition at Kestner Gesellschaft - mostly very blah, unfortunately; Weasel Walter, Jim Magas, Azita Youseffi (no shit) and I (and perhaps others from the original sessions - who knows?) will be reuniting as Miss High Heel, but probably only for a new series of recordings; I'll be opening for Sightings at Friese in Bremen on November 19th, and we'll be performing together as the Sightings Tom Smith quartet in NYC on January 4th (venue TBA); Rope Cosmetology's website is almost up and salivating - we'll be on tour in Europe during the first three weeks of March - we'll have our first non-KSV releases out by then (if luck holds) as well; a newly commissioned Three Resurrected Drunkards C-90 will soon be available via an Australian imprint whose name escapes me at present; there'll be a new TLASILA C-60 soon as well (info will be posted as soon as my mind clears); the three-disc Shave remix box on MonotypeRec is in production, but probably won't see the grim light of doom until 2012; Epuration is also now set for a 2012 release; I decided to stop giving interviews for The Cortege - you've never seen such insipid fucking inquiries; and, not that you wouldn't have guessed, but there's been lots of tweaking and editing, as usual, at KSV HQ...

That's it for now.




bruitiste said...

Wow... looking forward to all of that!


ommyth said...

Bonjour Bruno!

Always great to hear from you... Any chance of you and your fine crew dropping in on the gig on the 4th? If so, let me know and I'll make sure you get on the guest list...



bruitiste said...

Thanks, that would be fantastic, and if I can make that happen you'll be the first to know.
BTW, after some sleuthing, it appears the label for the Drunkards comp is Whiteness & Pinkess, and the TLASILA tape would be on Heavy Psych? Highly curious in hearing those (and everything else mentioned in that post.)

To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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