What's an Otter to Do, Save Dam?

Hello Fellow Freaks,

Fresh from the dustbins of the No, Honestly, I Really Can't Be Bothered Department, via my occasional touring/recording partner-in-thought-crime Kevin Drumm: Russell Haswell's Best of 2011 list, submitted to and rejected by the gloomy fundamentalists at The Wire. KD wrote the following when he sent Russell's choices: "no doubt they saw my name and KSV and decided to pull it!" What can one do but nod, pull the pop-top on a can of Jack D & Coke, ignore all the hopelessly insipid bullshit one knows better than to fret over, and forge ahead with even greater ferocity? (Momentary vanity note: for what it's worth to you, four of the artists on RH's Top 15 chart had albums released last year on Karl Schmidt Verlag, and we're EXTREMELY private. No promo copies for any mag, ever, least of all for duh Dire...)

Thought you'd want to see it for yourselves...

Best Wishes,



Ultra VGA said…
Funny. I feel your words about The Wire, but paradoxically I think I first heard about TLASILA there.
ommyth said…
And the ironies slouch, spiral, and persist...

Obviously, if I thought they had an inkling of a scintilla of a clue, I wouldn't ever have moaned about their doleful efforts.

Anyway, Ultra, I'm genuinely happy you read about TLASILA there - anywhere, for that matter.



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