Thursday, May 31, 2012

KSV: Floodgates OPEN!

Hello Friends,

For sale, as of this moment!

KSV 204 Thieves' Who's Who - Unfrozen Inset
KSV 206 Tom Smith & Patrick Spurlock - Petty Demons (2008, 2012 reissue)
KSV 207 Om Myth, Nandor Nevai & Fred Ware III - Without the 'C': October 5, 1996 (2001, 2012 reissue)
KSV 209 Rope Cosmetology - Disunion Strips
KSV 210 Linda, Viola & Uwe - Kein Empfang
KSV 211 Katja Fregatte - NARAS 1916
KSV 212 Dahlia Nylons - Yeah Wont (Hatter Typo)
KSV 213 Elterlicheslaster - Valiance Strep
KSV 214 Merkwürdig Riechen - Performance Rift (2xCD)*
KSV 215 Mod Norther - Thoracic Spat
KSV 216 TSRP - Anonymity Mosh (2xCD)*
KSV 217 Java Shlemiel - Hid Printouts
KSV 218 TS & 2nd Bank of Christ - Acerbic Shedding
KSV 219 Orbital Trash - Legislative Shin
KSV 220 Tom Smith & Patrick Spurlock - Pitchforks Rumple
KSV 221 Dentally Orally - Yet Stale Envy...
KSV 222 Closed Dictum - Cobalt Writ
KSV 223 Bleached Audibles - Integer Hooking
KSV 228 Anne - Methanol Brow
KSV 229 Luca Sigurtà - Decay
KSV 231 Dona Ferentes - Troubadour and His Shadow
KSV 234 Run Dust - Protestation

(Note: KSV 241 and 243 aren't quite ready. We'll offer them next weekend, along with KSV 197, which isn't yet back from our printer.)

Transparency: 5% price hike, our first in ages.

Single discs now €9 in the Eurozone, €11.50 elsewhere.
*Double-disc sets are now €11.50 in the Eurozone, €13.50 elsewhere.
Postage is always included.



Grab what you like from the archive. If what you want is a single or double set, you have the prices before you. Otherwise, contact us at tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com. We'll tell you what you'll need to send us.

More album previews from the new flotilla to follow.

Best Wishes,


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