Tuesday, May 08, 2012

KSV: Hard at Work for the Sake of Anonymity...

Fellow Deviants,

Another busy day draws to its pregnant pause. A week or so behind on the Karl Schmidt Verlag May-June release launch, but I'm certain the enthusiasts among you won't mind our keeping a third orb ensconced within the quality control eye-patch. We've been re-working some of the new albums, sharpening them unnecessarily, dulling them when sobriety screams for reversals of decorum. You forwarded the drill to us long ago - we serve to obey your edicts of necessity.

Cool photo session this afternoon for the forthcoming Anne album - we decided to eschew our usual realism for tawdry, Zelig-like slivers. (You'll see soon enough...)

Hope all of you are well. Back to the edit lounge...


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