Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You Have No Idea / Oven, Adieu, Ahoy!

Hello Again,

Completely insane weekend. Aaron Dilloway and family departed Sunday afternoon; R. Stevie Moore (as you may have noted elsewhere) arrived Sunday night. It's been a trip to the wheelhouse of the Flying Dutchman's marzipan cyclotron alright - still recovering from the sticky recovery...

While working off a few kilos of stress at the fitness center yesterday I listened to Aaron's recording of our duo live set from Friday. Resolutely, utterly gone, Daddy-O.

Posting from a desk on the second floor of the Hannover HQ of a certain evil empire, easing toward calm, but feeling uncomfortably fuzzed. Too humid for words. Surrounded by lethargic, data-devouring ghouls. (Bills are paid, KSV keeps going, blah blah blah.)

All in all, though, a terrific 72 hours. So many new recordings to sift through!


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