Monday, October 01, 2012


Gig or gigs in Poland, late October, with Wouter Jaspers as Thieves' Who's Who; November (re-)introductory tour through a swath of Europe with Tim Lane Seaton, Ryan Parrish, Balazs Pandi, and Feri Kovacs as Rope Cosmetology; cutting the debut single for Merkwürdig Riechen with Andreas Brüning, Boris Iko and Luke Calzonetti; touring another chunk of Europa in March 2013 with Kev Drumm and Aaron Dilloway as Psychotic, and, before that, visiting the States in late December to celebrate my Mom's 90th birthday and maybe do a few gigs. 

If you want to host a performance, lemme know. Perhaps you'll know not to expect whatever it is you might expect.



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