Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Coming Friday, via Karl Schmidt Verlag!

Hello Droogs,

Nine new releases on deck from KSV. Available Friday!

KSV 278 Press of Her Kill - Bit Thigh, Photo; KSV 279 Major Murks - Mask Us, Librarian (2xCD); KSV 280 Decimal Prudes - Wholesale Shauna; KSV 281 Coffin Primitive - Shipyards Part Tension; KSV 282 Recent Latest Latest First - A Good Interracial Read; KSV 283 DJWJ vs Paranoid Leather - Protest Printed to Nail; KSV 284 Smith Jaspers Stencil - Wrocław Version; KSV 287 Run Dust - The Impugning Eye, and KSV 298 The 9-24V Group - Old Helium.

Details tomorrow! Editions of 20.



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Convalescence: Day Ten

Healing apace, can't complain. We finally got round to watching Ingrid Goes West . Brutal, hilarious, brilliant. TS