Friday, June 20, 2014

We're Back...

Hi Again,

I've returned from the States. My mother, Eunice, died on the evening of the 2nd. She was one helluva woman.

The flight to Atlanta was extraordinarily difficult. Drank several glasses of KLM's best cabin red, just enough to transmute the horrific squalling from a quadraphonic array of screeching infants into a gushing wellspring of dark humor. At the airport to greet me, Graham Moore. With Rat Bastard in tow. Didn't anticipate that one. We decamped to a bar in the Little Five Points district and drank while waiting for another TLASILA alumnus, Patrick Spurlock, to arrive. (Patrick had graciously agreed to cart me south to the ancestral estate - I was in no mental condition to pilot any sort of vehicle. The booze only managed to level my mood.) On the spot, the old disagreements were brushed aside. There's just not enough time in life to harbor insipid grudges.

So... To Live and Shave in L.A. will return. New recordings will appear this year, and continue thereafter. Our first tour will take place in April or May of 2015. The lineup, baring the usual schedule fluctuations: Rat, Graham, Mark Morgan, Balazs Pandi, and myself, with Ben Wolcott (if he can leap a few hurdles), Gaybomb (if we can swing it logistically), and a pair of serious heavyweights who've expressed interest in taking part (but whose participation might not be possible, due to the tedious whims of pragmatic necessity - you can't fit ten people and a raft of gear into a tour van).

Karl Schmidt Verlag has been on hiatus since my departure. We have outstanding orders to ship. Once those have been sent out, another round of new releases will be announced.

Sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to express their condolences.

Best wishes,


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bruitiste said...

That's rough. My sincere condolences for your loss.

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