Saturday, November 01, 2014

New Releases on Karl Schmidt Verlag! (2014.11.01)

Hello Droogs,

I'm pleased to officially offer ten new releases from Karl Schmidt Verlag. These have been in production for quite some time, and we trust you'll appreciate our commitment to plasma-spattered aesthetics. Obviously, see no point in rushing.

All are available for immediate shipment. Editions of 15.

Eurozone: €8.49 Postpaid. Elsewhere: €11 postpaid. Paypal: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.


KSV 095 Tom Smith - Yet Flying II (OHNE Meditation 2006)

KSV 342 Three Hillbilly Fears - Whip

KSV 343 Cut Loose Bitch - Zerstörer Backs a Knot

KSV 344 Halftime Debt - Penstemon

KSV 345 Gemeiner Stechdorn - Die Peitsche

KSV 346 Bikiniarze - Under a Cruel Star

KSV 347 Glatte Verweigerung x Paranoid Leather - Pferdekadaver

KSV 348 Schrein - Bei Koc, 18. Sept

KSV 349 Factories Empty Evening - Fluoreszenzmessung

KSV 366 Michael Barthel - Bei Koc (20131213)


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