Friday, March 25, 2016

Merkwürdig Riechen: "Kommissionslager" C-40 Available NOW!

(Amended 28 Mar 16.)

Merkwürdig Riechen began in early 2012 and flourished for two years. We died as spontaneously as we began. In retrospect, this seems to have been the best possible outcome. We released eleven albums, including three 2xCD sets and 2013's quadruple imposition I, Career Fungoid (Pt. 2). Many of you bought them, but the outside world had almost no idea, as KSV did no press or promo (as was always its/our intent).

We were pretty fucking great.

Kommissionslager, a top-down rework of our more formal 2013 studio release Extispicium, is our final release. It's available now.

€11 postpaid worldwide to tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.

Merkwürdig Riechen - Kommissionslager (BHO 09, C-40)

Andreas Brüning: bass and treatments
Luke Calzonetti: sequencer and drum machine
Tom Smith: voice, electronics, edit, mix and production

Mastered by Willi Dammeier at the Institut, Hannover.

Side A

101 Kommissionslager (Pt. 1) (15:24)

Side B

201 Kommissionslager (Pt. 2) (16:51)

Composed and performed by Merkwürdig Riechen.

c+p 2016 MR / BHO.

Note: you can listen to my preview edit (segments from each of Kommissionslager's two parts blended together) at TS/Shave/KSV Soundcloud.



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