Friday, December 29, 2017

Methinks Lamp Milk...

Promo alert: One last release for '017 from Karl Schmidt Verlag. Namely, Praha Olomouc Ostrava Bratislava: November 2016 by Smith Pelikán Klamm. This was one of the best tours of my life, raucous and deeply rewarding. The audience in Prague were well-versed, attentive, in the know. The attendees and captive prisoners at the rough-and-tumble bar in Olomouc forcefully voiced their opposition but were won over - or worn down - by our savoir faire. (Or maybe just drunk enough to let loose.) The industrial-goth event in Ostrava was a poor fit for us but we soldiered through with a tight set and choice bot mots. (At least Patrik and Jan were snickering.) We smoked at the Next Fest in Bratislava (one of my favorite cities on the planet); the organizers approached me at the end of the night, discussed the pros and cons of the various performances, and then said "but YOUR set, you guys, that was EXTREMELY experimental!" I had to laugh. All we did was walk out and do our thing. My most outré move? I spoke to the audience, looked them in the eye. A bridge too far for most, I suppose. Anyhow, it's all there, save for line hum and the like. Two recordable CDs, for your (dis)pleasure.

Follow the link to KSV Bandcamp.

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