Sunday, December 03, 2006

Delta Don Fleming re: Tour Snuffage

(Excerpted from an email received 3 Dec 06.)

A hard decision, but the right one in my opinion. All the bad vibes and derision was a result of us being handed a bag of dog shit and asked to dispose of it. We passed it around a few times and now it is gone...

As I’ve discussed with some of you on the phone in the last few days I think we should put our efforts into developing the new batch of songs and recording them. I would suggest that Tom and Andrew should have a writing session, now, to develop the new material that has been popping out of Tom’s head. And then we should record it on the heels of a short tour.... We record the band and songs at peak power, the new record is tracked...

West Coast can happen later. Let’s do a short tour and make a record.

- Delta Don


Anonymous said...

congrats on the skyscraper spread, Bryan commented on how weird it was looking at your face and reading about you while pinching a loaf this morning.

you really should jam with Bryan and i sometime tom... even though at this moment jamming would more or less consist of us sitting around an verbally jamming as per usual with our current lack of equipment. maybe its time to put out a folk album? i still have my acoustic...just nothing to tune it with since you know my $50 Sabine tuner was worth more than my $1500 Taylor.

ommyth said...

Didn't really need to know about Bryan's bathroom reading habits, but thanks, of course!

It sucks about the break-in. Very sorry about the losses you incurred. The malefactors responsible will receive a retributive karmic surge of hot volcanic sludge, I assure you.

(Yeah, I was watching History Channel over the weekend. What's it to ya?)

Mobility rules. I can haul all my gear in a backpack and small road case. (A lesson learned and subsequently not forgotten during the Ohne tour.)

See you soon,


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