Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fuck. Tour Cancelled.

It kills me to report this, but we've decided to cancel the tour.

I'm so bummed...

The organization of the trip just wasn't up to our standards, and as a result, everyone within the TLASILA camp had become seriously stressed out. We deserve better.

Many of you have shown us an astonishing degree of kindness, and we appreciate - and have been genuinely humbled by - your efforts on our behalf.

That noted, there were too many inconsistencies, too many loose ends left untied. Until we've found the right mix of support personnel, it may be impossible for this group to tour...

We compromised our sound in order to fulfill our obligations for the Horoscopo trip, but we're not inclined to compromise a second time. It's too gut-wrenching an experience to endure.

For now, we're going to focus on writing, recording. There will be no let up in that regard. As for touring, however, we'll have to wait and see.


Tom Smith


Reggie Queequeg said...

DAAAAMN!!! That sucks, I was excited to see you guys!

Yr focus on "writing, recording" better be good!!!!

d*rettman said...

Dad-gumm-it.. was really lookin forward to this.. at least it may mean one less hangover to nurse.. was exceptionally blown'way by yr last set at Tonic NYC.. December's kind of a bitch to negotiate a tour thru anyways, no?

Justin said...

Damn damn -- I mean, dammit. Dammity damn dum. Yooz guys better rawk Beantown next time round!

ommyth said...

If you guys imagine the lowest emotional moment you've experienced, then multiply that by the sum of all your frustrations, you might have an idea of how lousy I now feel.

We had no choice, believe me. The organization of the tour was not up to our standards; there were far too many unresolved issues. It was either pull the plug or wade through a debacle.

We made the right decision, but that realization doesn't make our choice any less painful.

We're going back to self-management. We just can't seem to find the right person to help us. Ultimately, of course, we can only really depend on ourselves.



Roe said...

Soooo sorry. :(
You need a hug!



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