Wednesday, March 07, 2007

TLASILA Flood: Live, The Cave, Williamsburg, October 25, 1996

A good gig. Splotch, Nandor Nevai's short-lived duo project Twilites of the Cannibalism, my equally short-lived trio project A Aachen AAL Nevada Jim, and TLASILA.

Here's our set from that evening, recorded direct-to-DAT by someone in the gallery audience.

To Live and Shave in L.A. - Live, The Cave, Williamsburg (Brooklyn), October 25, 1996

The songs assayed came from the Commiinnggg! and Practis'd the Black Art album, which we'd recorded in Los Angeles two months earlier.

01 I and Jaws' First Jaw
02 Premonitory for the Premonition
03 He-Farmer "Nelson"

A different live take of "Jaws" was featured on the 2003 Smack Shire compilation Tarot or Aorta; "Premonitory" landed on the Tonal Harmony EP, albeit in restructured form (and featuring Electric Eels guitarist John Morton) as "Premonitory (B)."

Rat Bastard - bass
Ben Wolcott - oscillator and treatments
Tom Smith - voice and tape

Nothing has been removed, save for brief patches of between-song dead air. We did very short sets in those days.

(Total time 17:25, approx. 40 MB ripped at 320 kbps and compressed into a rar file.)

Download it here.





olgastamata said...

ts,nice add, what about pumpkin and friends lp? yours, tony christy

ommyth said...

Or, the Duke Bootee alb? I have that one, but I only have three (?) Pumpkin and Friends twelve-inchers. Never saw a long-player - was there one? (I forget. I have too many recordings...) Regardless, those, my friend, were the fucking daze!


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