Monday, May 28, 2007

Three Things to Love About Death Proof...

It just sucks that the Weinsteins have decried their decision to release Rodriguez and Tarantino's theatrical cut of Grindhouse.

(Yeah, it flopped in Omaha, but so what?)

Planet Terror
and Death Proof have been split up (and beefed-up) for overseas distribution, and will likely be released to DVD in the States as standalone features. Not cool at all.

I didn't mind sitting on my ass in a shitty multiplex auditorium for three-and-a-half hours, and I don't give a fuck about the improved, expanded versions. I want what we had in February - a kick-ass, $53 million homage to cinematic filth, with reels still missing and ambiguities intact.


Three great things about Death Proof:

1) The title sequence.

Anyone who rummaged through the long-vanished video barns of the early-to-late 80s looking for gristle-and-teat-splattered triple-feature fare found hundreds of similarly retitled hayseed gems. A sly nod to fans, one most appreciated.

2) Zoë Bell.


3) Women, well photographed.*


(* As in, knowingly, respectfully. As in, Tarantino makes certain their asses look great. Of course, these puny screengrabs come from files posted to the sharenets, shot off the screen on Hi-8 or DV by some kid who supplies weed to a manager dude or security drone at a cineplex shoebox in Savannah, or Des Moines, or San Jose... Bootleg image quality thus becomes an analogue for the (re-)representation of the grindhouse experience, an aesthetic tangent frequently ignored but nonetheless unconsciously abjured by critics of the homage!)


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