Monday, May 28, 2007

TLASILA > Denver, CO > Rhinoceropolis > 29 Apr 07 > Vidcaps

We pulled into Denver after a day-log slog through Kansas. Saw more foul, anti-choice, Jesus-ass billboards in that state's numbing western plains than any of us had ever previously encountered, and two of us live in the Bible Swath. Very fucking depressing, and twice as tinged with melancholy for your scribe - we traveled the route I followed when I saw my son off to Iraq last September. I felt physically ill as we passed the exits for Ft. Riley...

Once we'd entered the Rhinoceropolis, however, our spirits lifted immeasurably. It wasn't a particularly well-attended gig, but the folks who showed - and the performers who graced the space in generous support - were exactly the sorts of people we'd hoped to meet. Smart, chic, sexy pervs, one and all.

A great time...

Vidcaps extracted from the footage taken by local volunteer Tom. Mil gracias, kind sir.

We've posted a video clip from the Rhinoceropolis show at our MySpace page. Check it out if you're so inclined...


(TS, pierced yet again by the mind-spike...)

(Ben conjures pinks amid Rhino grays...)

(Graham warps adjacent plastics with the 360-degree controller...)

(Rat sprays his musk while the doorman directs fire...)

(Caught in the moment... This was our longest set of the tour.)

(Bathed in the Robot's blood-red light, Tom reaches for an algorithm.)

(GM and Rattus ratchet up the vortex...)

(Ben brings us in for a dead-stick landing...)

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panagiotis A. stathis said...

what up Tom, panagiotis here, just want'd to let you know in case you hadn't discover'd it already, but is posting all 51 discs of Hermann Nitsch's Das 6-Tage-Spiel Des Orgien Mysterien Theaters—so far he or she is on four, let's hope they don't run out of steam before fifty-one. I know you love yourself some Nitsch so dig in.

also want'd to ask if you had any of my request'd records that I'm looking for? I'm figuring you probably have Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock — Asshole/Snail Dilemma or anything by these guys. If you have time maybe you could post said release or anything really, I'm asking because I know you deal in this type of stuff, I mean those Nitsch collaborations & the Bailey concert are unearth'd diamonds. let me know, & have a good night.

all the best
panagiotis A. stathis

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