Saturday, May 12, 2007

9 Mile Kennel Club / Alleghenies / The King

(Photos uploaded May 20, 2007.)

Après MoCAD we were shanghaied by Graham's pals Mike, Brenda, and Michelle, and deposited amid the quaint suburban diorama of Detroit's storied 9 Mile. Our new friends were (genuinely) superb hosts, but the three large dogs and two cats sniffing about threw certain members' allergies into hyper-drive.

Andrew W.K. would have been in heaven. (Ben slept in the SUV...)


Kudos to Mike's outstanding DJ skills (Miles' On the Corner followed by Kool Keith - sweet!), real-life chef Brenda's delicious 2 AM veggie burgers (even Rat ate them!), and Michelle's impossibly cute drunk-ass smile. We found them to be exemplary humans. Still uncertain about their menagerie, however...

In the morning, we dropped Andy Ortmann off at Detroit Metro, and veered toward the Atlantic coast...

We've been so spoiled by splendor that we ignored the (frequently) majestic panoramas of the Allegheny Mountains. Such louts we've turned out to be...


Stopped off in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania to visit erstwhile Miami Beach synth scenester King Felix. He and his refreshingly sanguine bride welcomed us with plates of freshly thawed onion rings and a killer cucumber salad. We were very happy to see His Rail-Thin Majesty, as it had been a ring modulator's werkkksproiiing since he tracked dark blasts for 30-minuten männercreme... No informal photos of our meeting with the royal court were allowed; security procedures were stringent, and the safety and well-being of the King is paramount in Mechanicsburg. You'll just have wait for the next stalkarazzi series in the Sun.


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