Saturday, May 12, 2007

Philly: Avant Post-Can-Toss Mosh-Core / Fitting Digs...

(Amended May 16, 2007; new photos added May 20.)

(Photo by April, shot from the blood-spattered floor of the Avant Gents Lounge, Philly... L to R: Ben, Grier, TS, Graham, and Rat. Gaybomb was crouched next to the Califone to Mr. Falestra's left, and as such was cropped out of the composition.)


A great cartoon in a recent issue of the New Yorker depicts an air crew sitting in the cockpit of a commercial jet. The pilot says to his navigator (and I paraphrase): "Even if we're flying four or four hundred, I still make the same inane announcements."

Thus, a time to reiterate old saws: you can't buy this fucking TLASILA life, despite the fact that we've barely make a cent in the 16 years we've lived it, and it matters not if you're playing for three sheepish devotees or the rabid, hard-moshing Spartan death squad we performed before at the Avant Gentleman's Lounge in Philadelphia, one still has to rip spinal columns from torsos...

Despite (at least) three of the assembled mob being tin-tossing fuckwads, we were treated to an amazing scene, a genuinely sick-ass aud, and delightfully warped ululations of time, gesture, and intent. Andrew Barranca joined the tour at last, and his Califone card reader roared through the night... And, last but properly first, the return of the majordomo! Chris Grier fucking ruled, as ever.

Can't thank the Philly audience enough, so I shan't bother. But those who know, bloody well know...

CG had the keys to a friend's swank four-story townhouse, so we all slept like motherfucking babies. In the morning, fetid cheese steaks for Rattus and company, and the usual grasses and bits of bark for me. Graham opted out altogether...


The following pix have something or other to do with our assault on the city, but hindsight blurs, and contexts will soon be lost...

(Now I remember... Eliot and Ashiq at Benna's Cafe, the morning after. Ash was our sound engineer at the AGL... Excellent work, good sir.)


(Ben and Graham likely possess additional snaps from the evening; April, if you're perusing this, do you have any others you'd care to share? Otherwise, dear readers, wait for the eventual vidcap upload...)


To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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