Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tears Begin to Flail...

Ben and the Rat have just crawled out the escape hatch of TLASILA's Atlanta bunker HQ, climbed aboard the patriot blue SUV, and scurried off through the morning haze to sun-dappled environs southward. Thus, the tour comes to a bittersweet close...

Thanks to everyone across the States who attended the gigs, provided us with comfort and sustenance before and after, and lent their inestimable talents and enthusiasm in helping us document the crazed trek. Special thanks to the terrific performers who shared the various stages with us - from the bracing improvisations of Taiwan Deth in Nashville to the brooding lovecore stylings of Rock at NYC's Club Midway, we were consistently energized and emboldened by their fine support. Finally, massive, super-sincere thanks to the far-flung members of the collective who took time from busy schedules to again board the Andrea Dorea, and to guest performers who snuck in under the wire throughout the land.

Gigantic photo upload and post amendment flurry soon.

My vocal cords are fatigued, the resultant cough seems ineradicable, and my ass is just plain draggin'. We pulled off 22 performances in 19 days, covering 11,000 miles in the process. In my admittedly frazzled estimation, the best To Live and Shave in L.A. tour, ever.



Anonymous said...

job well done indeed.
all of you exhibited the energy of 10,000 teens on coffee. i wish that energy could be made into a drink -i could use it during my studies here at home. bravo dear gents...and yes a hug to all those who helped along your travels.

ommyth said...

Many thanks, Anon. Like the referenced, caffeinated teens, afterwards we also slept deeply, and without disturbance. First eleven-hour doze I've had since my son was packed off to the Middle East... Many thanks, good reader, and best of luck at university.


joisymikes said...


Please do come back to Nashville, you make the world a better place. I'll try to keep the drunks away from the merch tables ;-)

ommyth said...

Thanks, JM. The drunks were cool by me, but I would have preferred they spill their drinks on themselves and not our merchandise...

Otherwise, yes, a fantastic time. Many thanks, mon frere.



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