Wednesday, May 16, 2007

TLASILA in Flouts of the Midway...

(Photos uploaded May 20, 2007.)

We're fried, desiccated, fucking done... Our final gig, at Avenue B's excessively rouged but nonetheless dolorous Club Midway, found us sandwiched between doe-eyed Leslie Wests and goths dressed more like Bergen Point Country Club caddies than Blade 2 rave scene extras. A perfect send-off for a tour seeped in splendid absurdities. Don Fleming and Andrew W.K. were at last on hand, as were Mark Shellhaas and Kelly Jamison... Our esteemed majordomo and executive rotgut analyst Chris Grier was in particularly ribald fettle. A select cell of old bomb-building pals gathered round for the terminal detonation, and we hope the resultant blast characteristics were to everyone's liking. We began with "Bullet in the Back," eased into "This Home and Fear," sliced through tendrils to assay "Leaving It Up to You," and closed with "Mothers Over Silverpoint." We sounded like Midnight Oil, bad Depeche Mode, and the Lovin' Spoonful simultaneously! Can't wait until we can kill all of you again...

Pix follow; the latter trio were taken by WFMU's Brian Turner:



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