Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Smack Shire Ghost Site Haunts the 'Net...

It's been nearly a year since Gerard Klauder's suicide, and the Smack Shire website continues to function...

GK was a resolutely lapsed Catholic; one doubts he took the Eucharist while slumped in the front seat of his dad's Italian roadster. But even as carbon monoxide snuffed out his last, stubborn, sensate impulses, he must have sensed that transubstantiation was as likely a fate for him as, say, retirement at 67.

My belief? He either became his father's garage, or fused with the purloined code of the old TSSR index page. With the latter, a simultaneously brilliant and god-awful projection of (his) fractured identity, he could certainly have done worse.

(We'd rather have him moping about in corporeal redoubts, of course.)

Rest well, you sick fuck.



Postscript from the future:

Our friend Gerard Klauder, prolific audio terrorist, TSSR co-founder, and indefatigable lunatic, died in October of 2006. The diabolical bastard designed the final iteration of the Smack Shire label website to resemble a dead-end/404/expired domain page purchased on the cheap by spam squatters. Brilliant, but extremely fucking annoying, as the site still stands, and less observant fans continue to send orders despite admonishments. PLEASE, FOR FUCK'S SAKE, STOP ORDERING FROM THE SMACK SHIRE SITE! Gerard is dead, and his PayPal (and website/ISP/password) info died with him.

As of August 27, 2008, we're no longer accepting any orders for TSSR back catalogue. We're on permanent haitus.

Any orders sent to GK's former address are done so at the sender's risk - no albums will be shipped, nor will refunds be sent, as I have neither access to nor responsibility for any accounts of his that may still be functioning. Any orders sent to the TLASILA address will be immediately rejected.

I'll bring a few boxes of the six albums released by the Smack Shire along with us on the 2010 farewell trek, but until then, the vault will remain sealed.




Bruno said...

From time to time, I return to the many albums in the archive on the Squelchers website, discovering fantastic (and sometimes bewildering) sounds. He is missed.

gengiskhan said...

i'm Pietro from italy

do you know if are still avalaible copies of XEX: group cds?


ommyth said...

Hi Pietro,

Yes, the Smack Shire reissue of the Xex album is still available.

Visit TLASILA Shop for details on ordering.

Thanks very much for writing!



jc said...

hi tom,
i sent payment for the xex cd through paypal over a month ago and haven't received any word back or a cd since then.. any ideas?


ommyth said...

Hello Josh,

Gerard died nearly two years ago, and his PayPal accounts have long since been deactivated. If you want anything from the Smack Shire catalog, you have to send a PayPal request via tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com. I've never received an email from you, so my best advice is to try again!



jc said...

hmm well someone accepted the payment i sent back in july, and the transaction is listed as "completed." i'll try to contact that email address and figure out who has my money. thanks!

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