Waterboarding, Up Close and Impersonal...

From the bleakest redoubt of contemporary American depravity, an audacious, illuminating report by Current TV's Kaj Larsen.

See the video here.

From Larsen's blog post at HuffPo:

"... I visited the TuolSleng (also known as S-21) prison in Phnom Penh. The Tuol Sleng prison had been converted to a museum and memorial for the victims of the Cambodian Genocide under the Pol Pot regime. As I walked through the museum and saw the photographs of the victims of the genocide, I was shocked to see a picture of the Khmer Rouge water-boarding a Cambodian villager. At that moment I saw a throughline between the debate we were having domestically and the picture I was standing in front of. I was spurred into action, and upon my return to the United States, I decided to have myself water-boarded, this time on national TV, as a public service, so that this controversial technique could be judged in the court of public opinion."


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