Thursday, November 01, 2007

Waterboarding, Up Close and Impersonal...

From the bleakest redoubt of contemporary American depravity, an audacious, illuminating report by Current TV's Kaj Larsen.

See the video here.

From Larsen's blog post at HuffPo:

"... I visited the TuolSleng (also known as S-21) prison in Phnom Penh. The Tuol Sleng prison had been converted to a museum and memorial for the victims of the Cambodian Genocide under the Pol Pot regime. As I walked through the museum and saw the photographs of the victims of the genocide, I was shocked to see a picture of the Khmer Rouge water-boarding a Cambodian villager. At that moment I saw a throughline between the debate we were having domestically and the picture I was standing in front of. I was spurred into action, and upon my return to the United States, I decided to have myself water-boarded, this time on national TV, as a public service, so that this controversial technique could be judged in the court of public opinion."

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