Thursday, November 01, 2007

Linda Stein...

I've not yet viewed the recent Ramones DVD compilation, It's Alive 1974-1996, but I have listened to a rip of its audio tracks, and at the conclusion of "I Wanna be Your Boyfriend," recorded at Max's Kansas City on April 18, 1976, Joey Ramone offers a birthday dedication to Seymour Stein, the president of Sire Records. Doubtless his wife, Linda, was sitting nearby, reveling in the din.

Ms. Stein was found murdered yesterday at her Manhattan apartment.

Read the Times article here.

She was memorably quoted in Legs McNeil and Dillian McCain's Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk:

"The great thing about Dee Dee (Ramone) is that he slept with everybody. Dee Dee slept with me, Dee Dee slept with Seymour, I think he slept with Danny (Fields) - I mean Dee Dee slept with everybody and anybody. And he made you feel good. I mean, he was a professional hooker! So everybody fell in love with Dee Dee.

So Dee Dee and I had an affair. I mean, I remember one Thanksgiving - Seymour was always out of the country when it was an American holiday cause he was a workaholic - and it was Thanksgiving and Dee Dee and I went to dinner and then checked into this hotel on Sixty-fourth Street and Park Avenue and spent the night - Thanksgiving with Dee Dee Ramone and his leather jacket. And I'm the mother of two!"

Rest in peace, Linda.

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