Thursday, April 10, 2008

Aujourd'hui Est Mon Anniversaire!

Excellent time last night at CCL. Sudden Infant ripped it up but good, and we dug deep into Lille's well-sodden nightsoil. The attendees seemed to know our material as well, which always makes the laudanum backwash a helluva lot sweeter... We later joined forces for the first of our collaborative mini-sets, assaying "Three Fingers" from The Cortege... Our host, Julien, was absurdly gracious, and the wine flowed well in the morning. Except I'd already passed out hours before. Fucking jet-lag...

Awoke this morning to find myself a year older... Holy crap! I'm 502!

Images from today's ramble through Lille follow.

More ASAP,



(The CCL façade.)

(Sickboy Milkplus, Orphan Fairytale and Sudden Infant on the prowl in Lille...)

(Julien at Nombre 17...)

(Art au hasard et éviscéré de la rue...)

(I am jet-lag. Happy 5,222 to me!)

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a grey angel said...

forgot to send the b-day wishes via google talk yest... so happy b-day from pamela & i. as for the cat photo, we would collectively like to say, "bastard! are cats are cuter! don't talk about our cats anymore!" ***collective raspberries blown***

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