Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lille Pix...


Voici huit photos de la performance dans Liile:


(Sickboy and Orphan Fairytale on the train from Kortrijk to Antwerpen, prior to our departure for Lille...)

(Joke Lanz's tour set-up; from the interior of the CCL, Lille.)

(Jurgen and Eva set up their gear on the wide and delightfully shallow CCL stage...)

(Our driver and security agent par excellence, Dennis. This Kortrijk-bred kickboxer and Belgian hip-hop fanatic is slowly emerging from his shell. Here, he cracks a first, tentative smile, accompanied by a tasteful fuck-you...)

(Do the French understand interior design or what? The warming walls of the CCL invite relaxing, thought-provoking SCREAMS OF HORROR. Of course, we like.)

(Bloody laptop musicians!)

(Sudden Infant kicks the proceedings into high gear!)

(Elsa, the resident and semi-obligatory crazy-sexy French avant-garde enthusiast...)


Amour Sale,


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