The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on Our Asses...

Dennis´Kangoo has the hiccups, and we´re slightly freaked at the prospect of shelling out oodles of Euros to get the whole show back on the Dickey Betts. At the moment, I´m sitting in an internet salon across the street from Dink, this evening´s venue. Our host, Nicolash, is yet another in an intermittent but refreshingly recurrent line of true gentlemen we´ve encountered on this mad trek, and we´ve enjoyed his calm demeanor and piquant sense of humor. Soundcheck was a little wobbly, owing to monitor balancing hijinks, etc., but we´re pros and we´ll manage to snuff out the glitches... Madrid is amazing.

More Later,



Anonymous said…
you are awesome and a real blast. and charming too. on the one hand I wish your car is still dead tomorrow so you can enjoy some sunny rays in El Rastro (but that's the nasty me; my good self wishes you a nice drive to Getaria, to relish in the riches of the Vasque Country, where rain is air and food a blowjob of the tongue).

long live and long shave!


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