Saturday, May 10, 2008

Restauración en el Zapato Rojo...

Sitting on a bed with a blanket draped over my knees in Jose's flat in rainy Valencia. Our host and his girlfriend have been extraordinarily hospitable, and their largess will make the drive to Madrid far less of a chore than it appears it will be. Unfortunately, the warmth of our hosts is the only source of heat extant, as the cold rain drills down upon the street below. So much for my May touring strategy!

The show last night at Red Shoe marked Gaybomb's debut with EuroShave, and as expected, all orbs were on extended stalks as the cards began tracking through Andrew's Califone devices. The distress we'd been feeling - and the antipathies that had begun to ooze through our veneer of resolve - were released during an explosive set that left us drained and elated. Blasfemia Anal, a young quintet of electro-psych hellions, performed an excellent set in support. Shuddering energies were sent roiling into the ether...

Back at the flat, tumblers of Cutty Sark and an hour listening to Jose's superb combo Zener. I was given two copies of their most recent CD - one for me (gracias!), and one for grubby old Thurston.

(T-Byrd, expect a disc in the mail as soon as I get back to the Heimat.)

Marseilles' foul spirits have been exorcised. On to Madrid!



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