Now You're Gonna Do OURS!

Rest in Peace: Jamaa Fanaka, the insanely imaginative director of the aggressively brutish Penitentiary trilogy, the sullen character study Emma Mae, and the supremely over-the-top Welcome Home Brother Charles, which most of us who rummaged through rural VHS barn bins in the mid-80s first met as Soul Vengeance. Completely berserk film... Fanaka was hopelessly unsung, but Penitentiary, released in 1979, made a huge impact at the box office - he connected with the grindhouse audience time and again. Farewell, cult super-god!

The respectful and informative New York Times obituary may be found here.




BallerCraig said…
Sad he's gone. You gotta see "Short Eyes" if you like "Penitentiary." Has Freddy Fender and Curtis Mayfield in it! Busting male virgin asses, yum-yum.

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